Rolling Road Services

DS Autos offer a wide array of services including Rolling Road Services which in simple terms is a machine which is capable of evaluating how your engine is running. The Rolling Road Services machine will measure the power of the vehicle at the wheels. We offer 2 types of Rolling Road Services:-
Power Runs

A Power Run enables the owner of the vehicle to measure the power of their car at the wheels. It also advises the cars capabilities and drawbacks whilst identifying any issues and possible improvements.

Power Runs are available for individuals & group bookings by appointment.

Rolling Road Tuning

The specialist equipment will identify any issues your car may have and it will tune your car in a controlled live environment.

Rolling Road Attendance Notes

  • Please advise us of any issues you may know of with the car beforehand
  • Please make sure your car has enough fuel for the session.
  • Check your engine has been correctly topped up oil and water/coolant.
  • Check your engine has not got any oil or water/coolant leaks.
  • Check your tyres have good even tread and that they are inflated to the correct tyre pressures.
  • Check your wheels are aligned/tracked properly